Autumn 2020 Training Series in Nashville, TN

An incredible training opportunity in the fall of 2020 with Nashville Fire, Dive Rescue International, and Nashville OEM.

Each class may be taken individually, or the entire series taken at once.

  • August 1-2, 2020 Med Dive
  • August 3-5, 2020 Dive Rescue I
  • August 6-7, 2020 Critical Skills Diver
  • August 8-9, 2020 Rapid intervention Techniques Diver

2 Comments on “Autumn 2020 Training Series in Nashville, TN”

  1. Is this class still happening? I am from Wisconsin and would love to take the class in Nashville. I am a full time firefighter/ paramedic from the city of Kaukauna. This sounds like a series that would be a great start for me and a cool location as well.

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