Swiftwater Rescue Training in Ainsworth, Nebraska this June

Please join us in Ainsworth, Nebraska on June 4-6, 2021 for a Swiftwater Rescue 1 Training course. Swiftwater Rescue I is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three day (24 hour) training program. Swiftwater rescue operations are inherently dangerous and with the complications of fast current, low-head dams, and/or hidden debris they can become deadly. Prepare for these special hazards by learning how … Read More

Ice Rescue Trainer in Hastings, MN this February 2021

Join Hastings Fire Department & EMS on February 18-20, 2021 for an Ice Rescue Trainer course. Ice Rescue Trainer is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three-day training program for first responders. The Ice Rescue Trainer program prepares first responders from all public safety disciplines on how to respond to and carry out surface ice rescues. This class introduces students to the … Read More

Ice Diving Operations in Sioux City, IA February 2021

Join us for Ice Diving Operations in Sioux City, IA on February 3-5, 2021! Ice Diving Operations is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three day (24 hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. Participants will be able to plan and execute an emergency ice diving operation; select, evaluate and perform field maintenance on ice diving equipment; and dive … Read More

Virtual Visual Cylinder Inspection Training Class via Zoom

Please join Rochester Police Department and Instructor Mark Brooks on February 5, 2021 for a remote-learning Visual Cylinder Inspection class via Zoom. This certification program trains and prepares personnel to complete specialized SCUBA and SCBA cylinder inspections, the importance of which is sometimes overlooked or ignored. Alternatively, Public safety departments commonly use outside companies to provide SCUBA and SCBA cylinder … Read More

Spring Training Series Coming April and May of 2021 in Hialeah, FL

Please join Dive Rescue International and the City of Hialeah Fire Department for a training series this Spring that includes Med Dive, Dive Rescue 1, and Public safety Scuba Instructor. Med Dive – April 26-27, 2021 Dive Rescue 1 – April 28-30, 2021 Public Safety Scuba Instructor – May 3-7, 2021 Med Dive is Dive Rescue International’s renowned 20-hour training … Read More

Join us for our Spring 2021 Train the Trainer Series in Nashville, TN

Please join Nashville Fire, Dive Rescue International, and Nashville Office of Emergency Management for an incredible training opportunity coming next Spring 2021. Candidates successfully completing this training series certify as: Public Safety Scuba Instructor, Critical Skills Diver Trainer, Dive Rescue I Trainer, and Rapid Intervention Techniques Trainer. Med Dive is offered as a prerequisite before attending Public Safety Scuba Instructor … Read More

Hurricane Harvey After-hours Support

  All of us at Dive Rescue International offer our support to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have set up an after hours number for customers who need to have equipment expedited to assist with emergency efforts. This line is available after hours and on weekends. 970-460-6677 A part of every sale through the end of September will … Read More

We’ll be at the DUI Risk Management Public Safety Diver Survial

We’ll be joining DUI at this event! The program will include: Discussion about risks Public Safety Divers encounter and how to minimize those risks. Topics include new technology available for PS Divers to increase safety and successful missions, exposure protection, alternative methods, surface supply advantages, surface support techniques and decontamination procedures. Click here for more info: http://www.dui-online.com/public_safety_diver_seminar_2015_solano.html  

Seabear Head Up Dive Computer

  The Seabear Head Up Dive Computer is now available! A true hands-free dive computer solution of high quality, reliable safety and ease of usability that displays all dive relevant data directly in front of your eye. Click here for details  

EXO Masks for sale!

We have 8 USED EXO MASKS FOR SALE!! $750 EACH OR $5200 FOR ALL+ SHIPPING. Call (954) 648-7887 for more information.