We’ll be at the DUI Risk Management Public Safety Diver Survial

We’ll be joining DUI at this event! The program will include: Discussion about risks Public Safety Divers encounter and how to minimize those risks. Topics include new technology available for PS Divers to increase safety and successful missions, exposure protection, alternative methods, surface supply advantages, surface support techniques and decontamination procedures. Click here for more info: http://www.dui-online.com/public_safety_diver_seminar_2015_solano.html  

Seabear Head Up Dive Computer

  The Seabear Head Up Dive Computer is now available! A true hands-free dive computer solution of high quality, reliable safety and ease of usability that displays all dive relevant data directly in front of your eye. Click here for details  

EXO Masks for sale!

We have 8 USED EXO MASKS FOR SALE!! $750 EACH OR $5200 FOR ALL+ SHIPPING. Call (954) 648-7887 for more information.

Risk Management Through Advanced Technology Seminar

We will be joining DUI for their Risk Management Through Advanced Technology Seminar this February 7 and Saturday, February 8 in Clinton Township, MI. Download the flyer for more information: 2014 psflyer MI


Dive Rescue International is currently offering free training! Purchase 20 tuitions for a Dive Rescue 1 class and get any of the following classes for free: Boat Based Operations, Dry Suit Diving, Hazmat Diving, Ice Diving Operations, Public Safety Diver Survival or Water Operations Officer Development for up to 20 students. Classes must be held consecutively between October 15-December 31, … Read More

IADRS Conference Flyer

    We will be at the IADRS conference! Download the flyer below to register! IADRS_2018 Conference Flyer