Dive Rescue II in Hialeah, Florida witht he Hialeah FD in October of 2021

Two important Dive Rescue II topics will be offered in Hialeah, FL: Critical Skills Diver and Hazmat Dive Operations this October. Critical Skills Diver training prepares Public Safety Divers (PSDs) to appreciate repetitive skills training as a means to improve in-water comfort and competence. PSDs gain muscle memory, stress survival responses, and achieve resistance against many stressors faced while diving. … Read More

Dive Rescue I in Little Hocking, OH – July 23-25, 2021

Dive Rescue I  is the internationally renowned three-day (24-hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. Successful completion of the Dive Rescue 1 program provides basic methods and skills necessary for a Public Safety Diver to function safely and effectively at a water accident. From scene evaluation to incident debriefing, this program covers it all. Diving and surface … Read More

Light Salvage and Recovery in Wisconsin now open for Registrations

Light Salvage and Recovery is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three-day (24 hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. The Light Salvage and Recovery program offers an environmentally-conscious service to your community. Students should be prepared to make several lifts using various techniques. The focus of the program will be conducting salvage operations as they apply to underwater … Read More

More Swiftwater Rescue I and II in Golden, CO this June!

Demand was so great for our upcoming Swiftwater Series in Golden, Colorado that we have added another section of Swiftwater Rescue I and Swiftwater Rescue II for the following weeks. Register now for these great classes! TRAINING REGISTRATION   Swiftwater Rescue I is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three day (24 hour) training program. Swiftwater rescue operations are inherently dangerous and … Read More

Virtual Visual Cylinder Inspection Training via Zoom

Please join Dive Rescue International and Instructor Mark Brooks on May 7, 2021 for a remote-learning Visual Cylinder Inspection class via Zoom. This certification program trains and prepares personnel to complete specialized SCUBA and SCBA cylinder inspections, the importance of which is sometimes overlooked or ignored. Alternatively, Public safety departments commonly use outside companies to provide SCUBA and SCBA cylinder … Read More

Summer Training Series in Panama City, FL this July and August

Please join us in Panama City, Florida this Summer for an incredible training series! This is a seven-class series of courses allowing each graduate to become a Public Safety Scuba Instructor, Dive Rescue I Trainer, and Dry Suit Diving Trainer for their agency. Other prerequisite classes are offered at the beginning of the series to ensure that all Trainer class … Read More

Critical Skills Diver in Scottsbluff, NE this May

Critical Skills Diver training is a two-day class focused on improving diver competence and confidence through proper response repetition in increasingly challenging underwater events. Carefully controlled and moderated challenges in a swimming pool setting deliver many iterations to each diver candidate. Critical Skills Diver training is considered so crucial, that even though it is a Dive Rescue II class, Dive … Read More

Interspiro Technician and Dry Suit Repair in Wichita, KS this May 2021

Please join the Wichita Fire Department and Dive Rescue International for a two-class repair technician series on May 7 -8, 2021 in Wichita, Kansas. ***Classes can be taken individually*** Interspiro Technician training certifies students for 5-years so they can perform field maintenance, annual service, and safety function testing to applicable equipment. Certification is authorized by Interspiro for work on Divator … Read More

August 2021 Training Series in Warsaw, IN

Join us in Warsaw, IN this August for a traning series that includes: Dry Suit Diving, Dive Rescue 1, Boat Based Operations, Critical Skills Diver, and Current Diving. Class can be taken in sequence or individually. These credientials convey the core principles and skills for a fully operational dive rescue team. Dry Suit Diving training prepares the divers to use … Read More

Ice Diving Operations in Okoboji, IA this March

Join us for Ice Diving Operations in Okoboji, IA on March 5-7, 2021! Ice Diving Operations is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three day (24 hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. Participants will be able to plan and execute an emergency ice diving operation; select, evaluate and perform field maintenance on ice diving equipment; and dive safely … Read More