Underwater Investigator ~ Hudson, IL ~ February 20-21, 2016

Hudson Fire Department is hosting an Underwater Investigator program in Hudson, IL this February 20-21, 2016. Download the program flyer for more information: Hudson, IL Program Flyer Course topics include: Air Crash Recoveries, Firearms Recovery, Scene Evaluation, Skeletal Remains Recovery, Body Recovery, Postmortem Pathology, Scuba Fatality Investigation, Reporting Procedures & Preparing for Court

Med Dive ~ Hartland, MI ~ February 27-28, 2016

Hartland Area Fire Department and Livingston County Dive Team are hosting a Med Dive class in Hartland, MI this February 27-28, 2015. Download the program flyer for more information: Hartland, MI Program Flyer Course topics include: • Medical Evaluations of Divers • Decompression Physiology and Bubble Formation • Signs and Symptoms of Decompression Sickness • Pulmonary Barotrauma • The Rapid Field Neurological Exam … Read More

2016 Florida Training Series ~ Fort Pierce, FL

Dive Rescue 1 March 23-25, 2016 Light Salvage and Recovery March 26-28, 2016 Evidence Recovery Operations March 29-30, 2016 Med Dive March 31-April 1, 2016 Dive Rescue I Trainer April 8-12, 2016

Ice Rescue Trainer – Holland, MI – February 19-21, 2016

The City of Holland Fire Department is hosting an Ice Rescue Trainer class in Holland, MI this February 19-21, 2016. Download the program flyer for more information: Holland, MI Program Flyer Course topics include: Teaching the Adult Learner, Preparation and Effective Presentation of the Ice Rescue Program, Testing and Evaluation of Students, Identifying and Evaluating Ice Strength and Formation, How Cold Affects a Victim, Equipment and Manpower Considerations, Scene Evaluation, Assessment of Risk/Benefit Factors