Dive Rescue 1 Trainer and Dry Suit Diving Trainer in Lakewood, Colorado this May (CLASS CANCELLED)

Please join us in Lakewood, Colorado this May for a Dive Rescue 1 Trainer and Dry Suit Diving Trainer duo! This is a seven-day series allowing each graduate to become a Dive Rescue I and Dry Suit Diving Trainer for their agency. (Classes may be taken individually if all prerequisites are met.)

Dive Rescue 1 Trainer: May 5-9, 2020
Dry Suit Diving Trainer: May 10-11, 2020


Dive Rescue I Trainer trains individuals to effectively teach department personnel to respond to accident scenes; react to surface and subsurface accidents in a rescue or recovery mode; and prepare surface support personnel to compliment the efforts of the divers. Dive Rescue I Trainers not only need to be proficient in the subjects listed below, they also need to successfully complete the following: a final exam, delivery of a lecture on an assigned topic, and demonstrate proficiency in pool and open water diving skills.

Dry Suit Diving Trainer is a course designed to extend the knowledge of current Public Safety Scuba Instructors (PSSI) and Dive Rescue I Trainers (DRIT). Successful candidates will return to their department with a complete training system to be used with Dry Suit Student Kits purchased from Dive Rescue International. This program will allow the DSDT to teach Dry Suit Diving to in-house personnel at a minimal cost.


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