Dive Rescue II (Current Diving and Light Salvage & Recovery) Training in Puyallup, Washington (CANCELLED)

Please join Dive Rescue International, in conjunction with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, for a Dive Rescue II course featuring Current Diving and Light Salvage & Recovery training. The program will take place May 4-8, 2020 in Puyallup, Washington.

Current Diving Course topics include: 

  • Hydrology/Dynamics of Moving Water
  • Scene Evaluation
  • Preplanning Current Diving Operations
  • Self-Rescue Techniques
  • Rescue Procedures for Surface Support Personnel
  • Selecting Specialized Equipment
  • Search Patterns in Current
  • Search Techniques
  • Handling Panic and Stress
  • Field Scenarios

By learning to use specialized equipment and proven search techniques your team will be prepared to safely complete complex, challenging and potentially dangerous current diving operations. You will learn anchoring and high line techniques to better prepare your team for various incident scenarios. All of Dive Rescue International’s diving courses are taught in a classroom, a pool and an open-water site allowing students to practice their new skills in a safe environment prior to the mandatory field scenario work.

Light Salvage and Recovery Course topics include:

  • Scene Evaluation
  • Operational Organization
  • Selecting Specialized Lifting Equipment
  • Underwater Rigging
  • Specialized Lifting Techniques

Take your dive team to a more advanced level of service with Light Salvage & Recovery. By teaching your dive members to compete safe salvage operations, you can offer an environmentally conscious service to your community. Students should be prepared to make several lifts using various techniques. The focus of the program will be conducting salvage operations as they apply to underwater crime scenes and investigations.


*Please note that we have a separate series in Seattle, WA surrounding this DRII program. This will feature Med Dive, Public Safety Scuba Instructor, Dive Rescue 1 Trainer, and Dry Suit Diving Trainer. See series Program Flyer for registration information.

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