Join us for an 11-day training series in Warsaw, Indiana

Join Dive Rescue International and Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory for an incredible training series that will ready you or your agency personnel for public safety dive operations. Full Face Mask, Dry Suit Diver, Dive Rescue 1, Boat Based Operations, and Critical Skills Diver training in an 11-day series.

Please note that you do not have to register for all classes to attend. Please see the prerequisites on the program flyer for each individual course.

  • After completing the Full Face Mask training program, Public Safety Divers shall be able to select, inspect, prepare, don and safely dive with a Full Face Diving Mask in an Open Water setting representative of their jurisdiction.
  • Dry Suit Diving instructs students about this proper protection from potentially hazardous diving environments, without which rescue/recovery operations may be hindered or, even worse, halted. One of the first steps to preparing for contaminated water or ice diving is learning how to dive in a dry suit. This program is conducted in a classroom, pool and an open-water site.

Training topics include: Dry Suit History • Types of Dry Suits • Dry Suit Accessories • Proper Sizing and Custom Adjustments • Emergency Procedures • Repairs, Care, and Maintenance

  • Dive Rescue International’s premier Dive Rescue 1 program is a must for all dive team members. From scene evaluation to incident debriefing this program covers it all. Diving and surface support personnel will learn to apply the latest techniques in underwater rescue and recovery to prepare them to respond effectively and safely to water incidents. Get started on your way to more advanced and trainer level programs with Dive Rescue 1. This program is presented in the classroom, pool and open water allowing students to become familiar with techniques prior to field scenarios.

Training topics include: Public Safety Diving Accidents, Drowning, Dive Team Organization and Management, Search Patterns, Scene Evaluation, Victim Retrieval, Service to Family, Media, and Other Agencies, Vehicle Accidents, Underwater Investigation

  • Boat Based Operations introduces public safety personnel to the skills required to safely operate department watercraft for diving, water rescue and search operations. We customize this program to insure that students receive training specific to their particular vessels and accessories.

Training topics include: Overview of Common Boats for Public Safety Diving, Accessory Equipment, Principles of Anchoring, Principles of Launching, Diver Deployment and Recovery, Victim Recovery, Sweep Search Patterns, and Circular Search Patterns

  • Critical Skills Diver is a new course offering from Dive Rescue International which addresses techniques divers use to avoid panic in extreme underwater situations. Students spend a classroom session understanding psychological and physiological realities involved in the stress pathway. This is followed with three pool sessions in which students practice skills, and begin to become inoculated against panic. Diver muscle memory and correct response to stressors are practiced in a controlled and carefully modulated environment. All public safety divers are encouraged to take this class.

Training topics include: Public Safety Diving Accidents, Stress in Diving, Panic in Diving, and Stress Inoculation Drills  


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