Fort Lupton, CO Classes 2018

Fort Lupton Fire Protection District is hosting the following classes in Fort Lupton, CO in 2018! 

Download the flyer for more information: Fort Lupton, CO Program Flyer

Floods and Moving Water
Prepare to survive your next life-threatening diving situation by inoculating yourself against panic and stress. This program is designed to improve and elicit Floods are one of the leading causes of loss of life and property throughout the world. In recent years this type of natural disaster is becoming a more common scenario and communities are demanding their rescue providers be prepared. Due to the potentially enormous scope of a flooding incident, planning is critical to your team’s success. Floods can vary in duration and intensity, but many of the concepts for conducting rescue and recovery operations are similar.Prepare for these special hazards by learning how to organize and manage safe floodwater rescue operations. Participants in this program should be prepared for multiple in-water scenarios.Water Operations Officer Development
This course takes incident command principles and applies them to large and small-scale water rescue scenes. Students participate in incident
command scenarios and make risk management decisions. Through practice during scenario execution and discussion, students prepare for incidents of various magnitudes where the local NIMS-based ICS may transition to Unified Command.

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