Humminbird Sonar Technician Training this September in Laurel, Maryland!

This Black Laser Learning developed class is a comprehensive training for teams to quickly master the art and science of side scan sonar searches. This fantastic two-day training is offered in Laurel, MD on Septebmer 7-8, 2019. Register NOW!

Humminbird Sonar units offer water response teams incredible utility at very approachable prices. Learn to maximize these units when searching underwater.

  • Learn the types of side scan sonar available, Humminbird specific side imaging display and sonar terminology. Answer the question: What am I looking at?
  • Become familiar with Sonar terminology.
  • Understand the 4 Humminbird Sonar beams and the sonar views associated with them including what each beam covers and displays.
  • Why and when to use which beam and how to access the view of each beam.
  • Sonar range zones and the intersection of range and resolution.
  • Learn how is the Sonar image is created and how to properly use Humminbird GPS.

One day of classroom and one day of on-water exercises. Join Dive Rescue International and Black Laser Learning, for this training opportunity! September 7-8, 2019 in Laurel, MD! Registration at

Humminbird To Go Kit
Humminbird To Go Kit

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