Ice Rescue Trainer – Golden, CO – January 19-21, 2018

The GoldenFire Department is hosting an Ice Rescue Trainer class in Golden, CO this January 19-21, 2018.

The Ice Rescue Trainer Program is uniquely designed for public safety personnel. This course presents ice rescue training in a practical and efficient system, giving trainers the tools to build a competent and safe team. Successful Ice Rescue Trainer graduates will return to their departments with a complete training system. With the purchase of student kits from Dive Rescue International, trainers will be able to conduct in-house ice rescue training for departmental personnel. This is a surface rescue program and does not involve diving.

Course Topics Include:

  • Teaching the Adult Learner
  • Preparation and Effective Presentation of the Ice Rescue Program
  • Testing and Evaluation of Students
  • Identifying and Evaluating Ice Strength and Formation
  • How Cold Affects a Victim
  • Equipment and Manpower Considerations
  • Scene Evaluation
  • Assessment of Risk/Benefit Factors

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  1. The cost per Trainer Candidate is $425. There are still spots available in the class. We recommend registering early so that you receive your pre-course study materials in time.

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