Interspiro Technician Training in Plantation, Florida — December 11th, 2018

The Interspiro Technician course is Dive Rescue International’s renowned 8-hour training program for anyone involved in repair or maintenance of department gear. The course is also recommended for those individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of the workings of their equipment.

This course is designed to give students the tools to repair, maintain, and complete annual service on their department’s Interspiro (AGA) full face masks. With this training, a department could not only save on the cost of repairs but also reduce the amount of downtime for their masks.

The following is a list of course objectives:
• Learn to perform repairs on Interspiro Full Face Masks.

• Learn to complete steps for annual maintenance of Interspiro Full Face Masks.

PREREQUISITES Must be 18 years of age.

BE SURE TO BRING Interspiro Divator MK II Mask, 1st stage regulator (and tank if possible). An Interspiro Mini Test Kit will be needed to test your department’s masks (1 Mini Test Kit/Department). Dive Rescue International’s Annual Service Kit (1 Service Kit/mask) is also recommended.

Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask

Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask

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