Join us for our Spring 2021 Train the Trainer Series in Nashville, TN

Please join Nashville Fire, Dive Rescue International, and Nashville Office of Emergency Management for an incredible training opportunity coming next Spring 2021.

Candidates successfully completing this training series certify as: Public Safety Scuba Instructor, Critical Skills Diver Trainer, Dive Rescue I Trainer, and Rapid Intervention Techniques Trainer.
Med Dive is offered as a prerequisite before attending Public Safety Scuba Instructor and Dive Rescue 1 Trainer. Critical Skills Diver is offered as a prerequisite before completing Critical Skills Diver Trainer. Attendees may also attend Critical Skills Diver and Light Salvage & Recovery to fulfill the Dive Rescue II prerequisite for Dive Rescue 1 Trainer, if they haven’t already completed two Dive Rescue II topics.

Each class may be taken individually (if prerequisites are met), or the entire series can be taken at once.

  • Critical Skills Diver: April 10-11, 2021
  • Med Dive: April 12-13, 2021
  • Light Salvage & Recovery: April 14-16, 2021
  • Public Safety Scuba Instructor: April 17-21, 2021
  • Critical Skills Diver Trainer: April 22, 2021
  • Dive Rescue 1 Trainer: April 23-27, 2021
  • Rapid Intervention Techniques Trainer: April 28, 2021

, Join us for our Spring 2021 Train the Trainer Series in Nashville, TN

CLICK HERE for full Program Information!

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