LP Hose Recall Notice

Below you will find information regarding the Danicorp, Inc. LP Hose Recall. The bolded part numbers below are the DRI part numbers affected by this recall. I am asking, for your safety, that you discontinue the use of the hoses mentioned in this recall, and they should be cut up and destroyed.

Dive Rescue International, Inc. will send replacement Interspiro hoses or provide a refund to those who purchased defective hoses from us. Please send purchase information and a photo of your hose if you believe that it falls within the recall parameters below. Your photo can be sent to Recall@diverescueintl.com.

Danicorp, Inc. (hose assembly manufacturer) is conducting a hose recall of all LP regulator assemblies purchased February 22 through September 30, 2018.  Per Danicorp, Inc., this product is now suspected of not adhering to the ANSI Z86 7.1 standard.  Hose material marked with the Julian date codes of:  0308, 0388, 0598, 0808, 1648, 1738, and 1998 are the only hoses in question.  These hose assemblies will have Danicorp’s date coding (on the ferrule), as early as, D0218 (February 2018) through D0918 (September 2018).

Dive Rescue International, Inc. purchases hoses from Danicorp, Inc. for the Interspiro Divator masks. This includes Dive Rescue International, Inc. part numbers: 7000, 7000-H, 7001, 7001-H, 7002, 7002-H, 7003, 7003-H, 7006, 7006-H, 7007, 7007-H, 7008-H, 7009-H, 6214, 6214-H, 6217, and 6217-H.  Dive Rescue International, Inc. part number 6217A is the part number for the replacement hose.  The Standard Low Pressure Scuba Hose is also affected by this recall. This includes Dive Rescue International, Inc. part numbers LP28 and LP32.

Safety is our main concern, if you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact us at (970) 482-0887.

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