Med Dive Training – Minooka, IL – March 27-28, 2017

MABAS 15 Water Rescue Team is hosting a Med Dive class in Minooka, IL this March 27-28, 2017. For more information download the program flyer here: Minooka, IL Program Flyer

Students in this program learn how to recognize and treat hyperbaric injuries. More importantly, graduates of this program will learn how to prevent injuries and safeguard their teammates. This program includes numerous hands-on practical sessions.

Course topics include: Pulmonary Barotrauma, Medical Evaluations of Divers, Monitoring of Divers, Decompression, Physiology and Bubble Formation, Field Neurological Exam, Signs and Symptoms of Decompression Sickness, Field Stabilization of Compressed Gas Injuries, Post-Diving Considerations, Integration of Med Dive Specialists into Dive Operations, Oxygen Administration

If you have any questions, please contact us. We hope to see you there!

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