Aqua Lung Full Face Mask Bump Helmet




The Aqua Lung Full Face Mask Bump Helmet was designed for professional divers using a full face mask in low visibility conditions or where overhead obstructions exist.

The bump helmet max circumference is about 26.25”.  Now keep in mind that is the size of the helmet will accept, the diver will need a hood (and possibly a hood liner) then the FF mask strap under there as well.

  • Excellent head bump protection in low or no visibility environments
  • Fits great over a Full Face Mask
  • Does not obstruct comms, side rails, or ambient breathing valve
  • Easy single-hand release chin strap for emergency ditching
  • Adjustable ratcheting head harness
  • Internal removable pads to accommodate different size heads
  • Two light rails- one each side
  • 1 Picatinney slide mount for light attachment ( Light sold separate)
  • Front camera mount
  • Hook and loop patches for dept-logo sides and rear
  • Glow in the dark patches on each side
  • Comes in two colors Hi Viz GREEN or all BLACK