Aqua Lung Switch Block

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The Aqua Lung Switch Block can be used with any diving full face mask or helmet with a Medium Pressure (i.e. less than 16 bar / 232 psi) air supply. The switch block allows the diver to switch from the primary air supply to an alternate bailout air supply (or Emergency Gas Supply – EGS), in case of failure of the primary supply. The primary supply may be a surface-supply umbilical or SCUBA cylinder. The switch block is attached to the divers’s harness in an easily accessible location so the diver can open the Switch Block valve unaided and in nil visibility conditions.

  • For use with all other full face masks and diving helmets
  • Includes non-return (one-way) inlet valve & umbilical adapters
  • Robust, durable and reliable
  • User-friendly configuration and operation
  • All ports marked for easy identification
  • Use with surface-supply umbilical or Scuba cylinder
  • CE Approved to standard EN15333-1:2008
  • 4 x standard 3/8in MP outlet ports
  • 1 x Bailout inlet port with 3/8in Hose Adaptor (male)
  • 1 x 1/2in NPT dual-use outlet/inlet port: see versions below
  • Universal mounting plate suitable for all diver harnesses
  • Block retained in place by spring-loaded button catch
  • Block easily removable from the harness mounting
  • Mounting plate remains fixed to harness

 Download the complete Aqua Lung Buyer’s Guide here