Cestus HandMax GLOVE





When working with small parts, slick surfaces and tools, having gloves with strong grip control and a snug fit will reduce hand slip that causes abrasion and laceration injuries.

The HandMax® is a versatile glove that has a dual-layer, anti-slip grip for water-resistant grip control that allows for maximum dexterity. Form-fitting, breathable spandex on the back of the hand and the adjustable short cuff ensures the gloves fit snugly while in use.

  • Dual-layer, Anti-Slip Grip: Adds a waterproof grip that allows for strong grip control.
  • Covered Thumb and Index Finger Seam: Anti-sip grip reinforces high-wear seams that come into contact with tools and equipment.
  • Form-Fitting Spandex: Adds breathability, and helps keep glove tight on hand.
  • Terry Cloth Back on Thumb: Absorbs moisture to keep hand dry, or for wiping brow.
  • Adjustable Short Cuff: Ensures a snug fit while the glove is in use.