The upward curve of the Swift Water Res-Q Sled’s bow inhibits water intrusion in fast moving current. Strategically positioned handles function as handholds for up to three crew and also allow the craft to serve as a stretcher. Four deck mounted handles facilitate boarding from the water while deck pads provide traction once rescuers are on board. Five tube mounted D-rings are available to tow or tether the sled. Four additional D-rings are mounted to the deck to secure gear. Swift Water Res-Q Sled

STANDARD FEATURES & OPTIONS • Three person capacity (11’ 6” x 4’ inflated) • 5- 2” Stainless Steel D-Rings for tow or tether • 4- 2” Stainless Steel D-Rings in deck • 11 Tube mounted handles • 4 deck mounted handles to facilitate boarding • At 57 lbs., can be carried to remote locations • 2- Quick Inflation Valves • 2- Pressure Relief Valves • 32 ounce PVC tube (red/gray/yellow) • PVC Drop stitch flooring with pads for traction • Carrying bag and air pump • Optional repair Kit