INODIVE Interspiro Divator C Light System



The Interspiro Divator Inodive C Light System Includes:

Slide Specifications:

  • Used as a mount for video cameras, lights, heads up displays and other devices
  • Once the device is attached to the Universal Slide, it can be slid onto any device equipment with the Accessory Rail attachment
  • Can be quickly removed by pressing the release button
  • Surface support can quickly exchange devices without removing the diver from the water or tools
  • Each Accessory rail will accept two Universal Slides

Rail Specifications:

  • Attaches to the Interspiro Divator MK II full face mask
  • Allows the attachment of various devices (lights and cameras) to the sides of the mask
  • Universal slides and accessory slides allow different devices to be mounted to the rail and changed by sliding them on and off the rail
  • Quick disconnect features allows support personnel to quickly exchange or replace devices without mask removal or having the diver exit the water
  • A single rail may be mounted on either side of the mask or both sides to accomodate 2 devices
  • Does not interfere with the Hatch or other surface breathing valves
  • Attaching devices allows the divers to have both hands free to accomplish difficult tasks underwater
  • No tools required to attach the rail system to the mask, simply tighten 2 nuts by hand
  • Rail is easily removed for mask maintenance
  • Each rail is made and assembled individually and manufactured using quality materials in the USA

Light specifications:

  • 500′ depth rating with a Cree XRE LED
  • produces 175 Lumens
  • 10 hour burn time.
  • The light is turned on and off by rotating the light head. This is a robust, rugged light suited for commercial use.