DUI CXO Select HazMat Drysuit




For divers needing safety meet the DUI CXO Select HazMat Drysuit. The ultimate suit for contaminated water diving. Designed to be part of a system that completely encapsulates the diver, the CXO Drysuit is quickly becoming the standard for Contaminated extreme Operations for Public Safety Diving. The unique features of this drysuit include a lightweight, durable polyurethane laminated fabric on the inside as well as the outside making it easy to decontaminate, contaminated water valves, and the ability to be made-to-measure.

  • Signature Series suits are made-to-measure 
  • Select Series suits are standard sizing 
  •  Features:
    • Polyurethane shoulder-entry zipper
    • Suspenders
    • Reinforced pads at the knees, waist and shoulders
    • Contaminated water valves
      • Inlet/Fluorosilicone o-rings
      • Exhaust/Double exhaust diaphragm with a check valve made with fluorosilicone
    • ZipSeal System
    • RockBoot System with attached socks
    • Drysuit bag, ZipStick and talc included
  • Constructed or polyurethane Laminated Fabric (ASTM F739-07)
  • Colors:  Red/Black or all Black
  • Men’s Sizes:  SS, S, ST, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, XLT, XXLS, XXL, XXLT

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