DUI Replacement Zip GLOVE WD



DUI Replacement ZipGloves-WD can be attached to any DUI drysuit with ZipSeals. Simply remove the wrist ZipSeal from your suit and replace it with a DUI ZipGlove. The liner (which is included) is worn on your hand to keep them warm. There is no wrist seal inside the glove with allows air to freely move into your glove to loft the liner. Lightly tighten the wrist strap to keep your fingers securely inside the glove.

WD stands for Wrist Dam. This unique system is intended for dives where the risk of a glove leaking as a result of damage is high or the diver prefers to have a redundant seal on their wrist. To provide this redundant seal, ZipGloves-WD are equipped with a WristDam™; a donut-shaped wrist seal.

  • Exchange your wrist zipseal with these for the warmest and driest hands you’ve ever had
  • Water dam mitigates water intrusion
  • Includes liners
  • Available only in heavy duty (blue)

DUI Size Chart