DUI Public Safety TLS Drysuit




The DUI Public Safety TLS Drysuit is the most popular drysuit for contaminated water diving. The trilaminate fabric consisting of nylon/butyl rubber/nylon makes it lightweight, fast drying and easy to decontaminate. Dive Teams can customize their suits with colorful materials, reflective tape, team patches and more. Available in a surface configuration as well as a fully encapsulated diving configuration.

  • The Public Safety TLS Drysuit can be configured with the following items offering the diver complete encapsulation:
    • ZipSeals™ – neck/hood combo (in place of neck seal)
    • Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro 300 hood liner
    • ZipGloves™ with wrist dam and liners (in place of wrist seals)
  • Signature Series suits are made-to-measure 
  • Select Series suits are standard sizing 
  •  Features:
    • Diagonal front-entry zipper
    • Patented QuickZip™ design
    • Also available with Classic Zipper Design (only CLX-style upper
      body design available with Classic Zipper Design)
    • Telescoping torso, suspenders, crotch strap
    • Warm neck collar
    • Reflective tape
    • High visibility overlays
    • Public safety patch
    • Zipper guard
    • Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
    • Internal waist adjustment cord
    • Double layer material over knee area
    • RockBoot™ System or Turbo Sole Boots with Ankle Straps
  • Constructed of Trilaminate material made of Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon
  • ZipSealand ZipGlove (#6856 and #6858) installation available for an additional charge
  • Includes a DUI drysuit bag, talc and zipper ease
  • Colors:  Navy or black body with your choice of overlay materials and colors
  • Men’s Sizes:  SS, S, ST, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, XLT, XXS, XX, XXT
  • Women’s Sizes:  SS, S, ST, MS, M, MT, MLS, ML, MLT, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, XLT, XXS, XX, XXT

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