DUI H2O Dual Operations Drysuit



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Meet the DUI H2O Dual Operations Drysuit. The first drysuit to address that breathable fabrics should not be used for surface operations. Breathable fabric drysuits DO NOT protect operators against contaminants. In addition to protecting operators from contaminates, the H20 Dual Operations Drysuit is truly unique as it is designed to provide one suit to meet two different missions – surface operations which can include swift and flood water rescue and dive missions. The fabric is durable yet lightweight and easy to decontaminate.

  • Signature Series suits are made-to-measure
  • Select Series suits are standard sizing 
  • Proudly designed, manufactured & tested in the USA
  • Trilaminate Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon material
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to swim and move
  • Front entry self-donning zipper, telescoping torso and crotch strap
  • Suspenders
  • Relief Zipper
  • Double Thickness Kevlar Knee and Shin Pads
  • Kevlar Elbow Pads
  • Kevlar Buttock Pad
  • Choice of colors: Yellow, Orange, Black, Navy
  • All one color or a combination of two (as shown)
  • Installation of your own team patch on the left arm
  • Surface Mode Configuration includes
    • Adjustable NeoSplash Neck ZipSeal (One Size Fits All)
    • NeoSplash Wrist ZipSeals (One Size Fits All)
    • Latex Socks
  • Dual Mode Configuration includes everything needed for Surface and Diving Operations
    • Adjustable NeoSplash Neck ZipSeal & Latex Neck ZipSeal
    • NeoSplash Wrist ZipSeals & Latex Wrist ZipSeal
    • Apex Inlet & Exhaust Valves with Blanking Plugs
    • Drysuit Inflation Hose
    • Choice of Latex Socks, Neoprene Socks/RockBoots, Cordura Socks/RockBoots or TurboBoots
  • Drysuit Bag Kit includes ZipStick & Talc
  • Men’s Select Sizing – 15 sizes (S-XXL, Short, Regular & Tall)

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