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DP1 is the world’s first high pressure surface supply system. The unique design, with a light weight hose that also serves as a safety line, gives the diver excellent maneuverability while still providing the security of surface supply diving. Equipped with smart features such as supply cylinders that can be changed mid-operation to enable longer dives, the DP1 offers both world-class performance and maximum safety.

Key features

1. The lightweight and compact design allows for rapid deployments. 2. Simplified control panel, let’s the attendant focus on the safety of the diver. 3. The shuttle valve makes it possible to change supply cylinders during the diving operation. 4. Available in lengths up to 120 meters. 5. The small diameter of the lightweight supply hose greatly reduces resistance in strong currents. 6. A thin communication cable can be wrapped around the hose. 7. Doubles as a safety line. 8. Integrated regulator, no need for manual adjustment of pressure for various depths.