Interspiro Visor with Divator Hatch



The Interspiro Visor with Divator Hatch consists of the ambient breathing valve mounted on the visor, the visor is hard coated and antifog prepared. The DIVATOR HATCH is an easy-to-use enhancement to the DIVATOR MASK. The DIVATOR HATCH is attached to the side of the DIVATOR MASK – not interfering with the field of vision – and gives the diver ambient air while on stand-by or at surface level. The DIVATOR HATCH is designed with Interspiro’s safety innovation pedigree. The Hatch is easy to operate: pull to open and push to close. The DIVATOR HATCH has a small form factor and will not hamper the diver above or under water. The design of the breathing valve keeps the breathing resistance extremely low. Ambient breathing will not only increase cylinder duration time but will enable the diver to keep the face mask donned while on stand-by. DIVATOR HATCH is a perfect complement to the Divator full face mask for professional divers

  • Ambient Air Hatch at surface level
  • Easy push-pull operation
  • Built-in check valve directs air to reduce visor fog and CO2 level
  • Attaches to the side of the Divator mask without interfering with the field of vision
  • May be purchased by certified technicians only
  • Dive Rescue International will install in mask for an additional $15.00
  • Interspiro Part Number 96962-01