OTS MK-7 Buddy Line



The OTS MK-7 Buddy Line is a compact, self-contained one or two-diver air intercom.

  • Allows clear communication in the 4-wire mode (round robin)
  • Includes THB-7A Deluxe Headset (with boom mic).
  • Designed for search and rescue teams as an underwater communication device with minimal set-up time
  • 2 watts of power managed by state-of-the-art circuitry providing a relatively long life and great intelligibility
  • Operates on 8 AA alkaline batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack and charger are Special Order Items. Please call us at (800) 248-3483
    • RB-11 is the NiMH battery pack (12 volts) used with MK-7, SSB-2010, 2001B-2, 1001B and ComBox
    • RCS-15US battery charger for RB-11 battery pack (230V, 50/60Hz) replaces RC-15
    • RCS-16US Smart Battery charger for MK-7 (niMH), replaces RC-16

User Guide

DRI Y-Adapter for MK7