OTS EMD-2 Communication Module



OTS EMD-2 Communication Module Assemblies are designed to allow the user to connect either Hard-wire or Through-water communications to a helmet or full face mask (FFM). Due to the many styles of FFM on the market, OTS offers a wide variety.

The configurations can be endless depending on the application. The following configurations are the most commonly used. Custom Earphone/Microphone (E/M) Assemblies can be manufactured upon request.

ME-16R Hot Mic® noise canceling, salt-water resistant, pressure-resistant studio quality microphone.
Super Mic is a water proof, pressure tolerant ceramic microphone with a compact, lightweight design and noise cancelling properties reducing background noises for clearer communications.

  • Earphone and microphone assembly set-up for KMDSI M-48 Supermask
  • Push-to-talk control
  • Hi-Use connector
  • Hot-Mic® (150 ohm)
  • Dual earphones