Recertification – Public Safety Diver Student


There is a maximum of one recertification per order. The student’s name is required to purchase this item. The recertificaton link will be emailed with the order confirmation and receipt.

If paying with a purchase order, access to the recertification link may be delayed as purchase orders are only processed during business hours.

In an attempt to ensure proficiency and safety during public safety diving operations, a Public Safety Diver (PSD) is required to recertify every three years.  The PSD recertification can be completed with an in-house department Public Safety Scuba Instructor (PSSI) or through Dive Rescue International as an individual recertification.  Upon completion, ALL students will receive a Public Safety Diver Recertification Card and Skills Update Sticker.

If you are already expired, please contact Dive Rescue International before purchasing this recertification.

NOTE:  It is the sole responsibility of the PSD Student to notify Dive Rescue International of any address/department changes.


Public Safety Diver (Student) Recertification


  • Ensure your mailing address, email address, department/organization or telephone number are up-to-date since your initial PSD training or your last recertification.  Contact us at [email protected] to update your student profile, if needed.


  • Successful completion of the IADRS Watermanship Test and SCUBA Skills Review within 12 months prior to the recertification date
  • Complete the online PSD recertification exam (with a score of 85% or higher)

The following paperwork must also be completed at the time of PSD recertification:

  • PSD Recertification Acknowledgement
  • Copy of 18 logged dives during the last 3 year period (6 dives must be in the last 12 months, and 1 pool dive per year is allowed)
  • Digital photo/selfie for new PSD wallet card

NOTE:  Logged dives should include the following information if possible:  dive tender’s name, supervisor or team leader’s name, nature of dive, date, location, bottom time and water type (i.e. depth, visibility and temperature).