RA/SMC Regular Rescue 8 with Ears





The Russ Anderson/SMC Figure 8 (with ears) is one of the most popular full-sized descenders used by professionals throughout the rescue, fire service, police/tactical and industrial/work related markets. This is the smaller of two sizes of Figure 8 (the other is a non-NFPA model) this model is ideal for working with a single or a double wrap of rope up to 1/2” in diameter. The ”ears” of this design help to eliminate the potential for ropes slipping up into a girth hitch and also make it easier to ”tie off” when on rappel. product. The oval carabiner hole doubles as a belay plate for up to 1/2” rope. Machined from 1/2” thick, solid aluminum, heat-treated bar and then finished with a very tough, hard-anodized finish for extra durability.

  • Machined from 1/2″ thick solid heat-treated aluminum bar finished with a very tough, hard-anodized finish
  • Carabiner hole functions effectively as a plate for 1/2 inch rope
  • Weight:  6.5 oz (184.3g)
  • Rope Size:  Up to 12.5mm
  • Breaking Strength:  32 kN (7,194 lbf)
  • Dimensions:  6.16″ x 5.25″ x .5″
  • NFPA approved