SMC Extra Large Steel D Carabiner


NFPA APPROVED  1983, G Rated


All the components found in this carabiner are meticulously hand-finished after machining, resulting in the smooth, free gate action that is the hallmark of all SMC carabiners. Additionally, each carabiner is 100% hand inspected for gate action and other functional characteristics before leaving the SMC factory. Look if you like but the chances are you’ll not find a better stainless steel carabiner anywhere.

The X-Large Locking Steel carabiners are third party certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet NFPA 1983 “G” General Use.

  • Indispensable tool for rescue professionals with an offset D shape easily fitting over a standard 1.25″ ladder rung
  • More suited for extra wide clipping than for tight rigging
  • Stainless steel gate and sleeve
  • Length:  5.70″ (143 mm)
  • Gate Opening:  1.45″ (36 mm)
  • Weight:  12.2 oz (346g)
  • MBS:  54 kN (12,139 lbf)
  • NFPA 1983, G certified