Black Diamond Swift-Water Probe Poles



The Swiftwater Probe Poles is one of the easiest and fastest to assemble probes. Speed cones attached to the end of each probe section speed up assembly. It assembles in seconds by pulling the lead inner tube attached to a coated stainless steel cable. It locks into place with a simple, strong pop-button.

The stainless steel cable has an adjustment knob to adjust cable tension if the probe is loose when assembled. Includes nylon storage bag. The storage bag has strap loops to strap the probe to any shovel handle.

  • Assembles in seconds by pulling the lead inner tube attached to a coated stainless steel cable
  • Speed cones attached to the end of each probe section speed up assembly
  • Locks into place with a simple, strong pop-button
  • Probe includes 5 cm increment lazer etched depth markings for accurate depth checks
  • Stainless steel cable has an adjustment knob to adjust cable tension if the probe is loose when assembled
  • Includes nylon storage bag
  • Storage bag has strap loops to strap the probe to any shovel handle
  • 8.5’ (260 cm)
  • 7 sections
  • Weight: 266 grams (9 oz)