JW FISHERS HD TOV-2 Towed Video System



Fishers versatile boat deployed underwater camera system that can be dropped or towed.

The TOV-2 Towed Video system (the next generation of JW Fishers popular towed video system) provides a cost effective method for underwater search and inspections. The system is deployed over the side of the vessel and lowered to the bottom. The TOV-2 uses the boat’s propulsion to move it through the water in the tow configuration. The camera is mounted in the housing at a downward angle giving a field of view of 50 degrees. The system can also be suspended over the side of the vessel and used as a dropped camera. Large areas can be searched and recorded without incurring time consuming check-out dives. Topside the TOV-2 connects to a video monitor or standard TV. The real time video sent topside from the underwater camera can be viewed on a video monitor, a TV with a video input jack, or a computer equipped with a video capture card. The entire video of that favorite dive site or inspection job can easily be recorded on an external DVR (digital video recorder). The video can also be viewed and recorded on our VRM-1 video monitor and recorder. The VRM-1 has a built-in 10.4-inch flat screen ultra-bright display which makes it easy to see even on sunny days; and it has a built-in digital video recorder that records up to 12 hours of video on an SD card. Download the VRM-1 technical data sheet for additional information.

The TOV-2 system includes a 0.8 lux color camera in a corrosion-proof PVC housing with built in leak detection system, two powerful 1500 lumen LED’s, and a 150-foot deployment cable (Kevlar reinforced).

Additional $105 charge for freight.