Viking HazTech Drysuit with Surveyor Hood



The Viking HAZTECH Drysuit is a lightweight robust suit for diving in hazardous water conditions, particularly where there may be a danger of heat exhaustion in warm water or hot climatic conditions.

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  • Constructed of single coated red Thermoplastic designed for contaminated water diving
  • High frequency welded seams for security – no stitching
  • Black welded reinforcements applied to the shoulder area and elbows. Embossed knee pads welded above and below the knees.
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Back-entry with 95cm BDN medium duty sipper
  • Rubber coated neoprene boots with fin strap holders
  • Ideal for warm water and warm climatic conditions where a rubber suit may be too heavy
  • Suitable for cold water diving (tested for flex cracking – no cracks detected after > 200 flexes down to -40° C)
  • May be configured to suit a variety of specific diving situations
  • Softer feel than other similar suits on the market
  • Rubber coated 5 mm neoprene boots with a fin retainer are fitted as standard.
  • EN 14225-2 certified, HZ chemical test approved, and BIO micro organism test approved
  • PU welded reinforcements on shoulders, elbows and knees

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