Halo Features:

  • Design: The new Halo BChas a comfortable, body-hugging jacket fit.  It offers an adjustable depth compensating cummerbund, comfort harness, and a lumbar support.
  • Personal Fit System®:  The Halo offers a modified version of Zeagle’s popular Personal Fit System®.  This system allows for easy custom shoulder replacement to create a perfect fit.
  • Ripcord® Weight System: The Halo is the world’s first jacket-style BC to feature Zeagle’s patented Ripcord® Weight System.  While the Ripcord System is a Zeagle exclusive that has been an integral feature years, we redesigned it for the Halo BC series with a new ergonomic handle design.  It allows for up to 20 lbs of dumpable weight with custom-made weight pouches.  An additional 10 lbs of non-ditchable weight can be added to the rear trim pockets.  That is 30 pounds of combined weight.  All specially designed for a jacket-style BC.
  • Lift:  The Halo offers up to 33 pounds of lift (size Medium). More than enough buoyancy to keep your head comfortably out of the water while on the surface.
  • Weight: Lugging around a heavy BCD can become cumbersome even if you are staying close to home.  The Halo weighs just 8.2 pounds without weights.
  • Material: The Halo BC is constructed of durable 1000 denier material and a mix of 1680D heavy-duty and 420/PU material.
  • Accessory Management: Keeping your SMBs, lights, knives and gauges organized is a concern for all divers, not just technical ones.  These features give a technical-style organization to a recreational BC.
    • Seven (7) stainless-steel D-rings
    • Two (2) large accessory pockets
    • Dual knife-mount positioning…because “Two is one, and one is none.”
    • Dual (left and right) retractor mount pocket