Public Safety Diver Survival training this December in Colorado

Public Safety Diver Survival is Dive Rescue International’s renowned two day (16 hour) training program for certified public safety divers. This course helps prepare the public safety diver to survive the next life-threatening diving situation by inoculating the diver against panic and stress. This program is designed to improve and elicit automatic responses in survival situations. The program will also cover the various stages of stress and the factors leading to panic. Participants will learn techniques to minimize the negative effects of emotional and psychological stress based on research of public safety scuba injuries and deaths over several decades.

Key training topics and the associated objectives include:
STRESS AND ANXIETY • Define and name the characteristics of stress • Discuss who is vulnerable to stress
STAGES OF DIVER STRESS • Define the different stages of diver stress • Describe the various scuba diving related stressors • Explain the different signs of stress a diver can exhibit • Describe the physiological effects of stress
PANIC • Define the panic reaction and the physiological and behavioral symptoms that accompany it • Discuss what factors can lead to diver panic
STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES • Identify the different stress coping styles • Define the components of diver panic prevention • Name the diving medical exam criteria for the public safety diver • Explain diving medical disqualifiers • List the three factors of diver survival • Discuss survival stress management training goals
STRESS INOCULATION • Define stress inoculation and list the requirements for inoculation to take place • Identify training concepts that will produce stress inoculation

BE SURE TO BRING Participants of the PSDSurvival program are advised to configure their SCUBA equipment with a conventional mask and snorkel. The use of a Dry Suit, Full Face Mask and Pony Bottle during the PSD Survival program will need prior consult with DRI and the Lead PSDS Instructor.


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