Water Operations Officer Development in Fishers, Indiana May 12-13, 2022

Water Operations Officer Development is Dive Rescue International’s completely revised for 2022, 16-hour training program for emergency services personnel responding to diving and surface incidents. This course examines all of the roles a water response team leader may face including:

  • motivation
  • meeting team needs
  • meeting community needs
  • water rescue disciplines
  • mission statements
  • funding
  • budgeting
  • developing team SOGs
  • team training & equipment
  • training program development
  • evaluations
  • documentation
  • developing a training manual
  • communications
  • mutual aid
  • AHJs and incident command
  • rescue and recovery operations
  • preplanning
  • resources
  • mutual aid agreements
  • operations
  • FEMA
  • demobilizing
  • scenarios

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