Critical Skills Diver in Scottsbluff, Nebraska this April!

Critical Skills Diver training is a two-day class focused on improving diver competence and confidence through proper response repetition in increasingly challenging underwater events. Carefully controlled and moderated challenges in a swimming pool setting deliver many iterations to each diver candidate. Critical Skills Diver training is considered so crucial, that even though it is a Dive Rescue II class, Dive … Read More

Med Dive training in Hartland, Michigan this March!

Med Dive is Dive Rescue International’s renowned 20-hour training program for certified divers, surface support personnel, EMS professionals, and other medical professionals involved with dive teams. Students learn how to recognize and treat hyperbaric injuries. More importantly, graduates of this program will learn how to prevent injuries and safeguard their teammates. This program includes numerous hands-on practical sessions. Successful completion … Read More

Dry Suit Diving & Full Face Mask Encapsulation Training in Junction City, Kansas

Please join us for a Dry Suit Diving/Full Face Mask Encapsulation training course on February 26-28, 2020 in Junction City, KS! Diver encapsulation includes the utilization of a dry suit and full face mask to help keep a barrier between divers and their environment. As public safety responders, we always assume the water we dive is contaminated. Public safety divers … Read More

Swiftwater Rescue Series in Kent, Ohio this Spring!

Join Dive Rescue International and the City of Kent Fire Department for an incredible training series that will ready you or your agency personnel for Swiftwater Rescue operations. Swiftwater Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue II, and Swiftwater Rescue Trainer are being offered in a series that runs from March 29-April 3 & April 6-10, 2020. Please note that you must register for … Read More

Floods and Moving Water training in Tequesta, Florida!

Please join Dive Rescue International with Tequesta Fire Rescue for a 3-day Floods and Moving Water training class in Tequesta, Florida this April. Click here to find the Program Flyer. Floods are one of the leading causes of loss of life and property throughout the world. In recent years this type of natural disaster is becoming a more common scenario … Read More

Summer Training Series June and July of 2020 in Florida

Please join Dive Rescue International and the City of Hialeah Fire Department for a training series this summer including Dive Rescue I, Med Dive, and Public safety Scuba Instructor. Dive rescue I – June 22-24, 2020 Med Dive – June 25-26, 2020 Public Safety Scuba Instructor – June 29-July 3, 2020   Dive Rescue I is the internationally renowned three … Read More

Ice Diving Operations in Aberdeen, South Dakota (March 2020)

Ice Diving Operations is Dive Rescue International’s renowned three day (24 hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. Participants will be able to plan and execute an emergency ice diving operation; select, evaluate and perform field maintenance on ice diving equipment; and dive safely under ice in order to complete a rescue/recovery mission. Participants will also be … Read More

Dive Rescue 1 training in Portage, Wisconsin this June

Dive Rescue I is the internationally renowned three day (24 hour) training program for certified divers and surface support personnel. Successful completion of the Dive Rescue I program provides basic methods and skills necessary for a Public Safety Diver to function safely and effectively at a water accident. From scene evaluation to incident debriefing, this program covers it all. Diving … Read More

Dive Rescue II (Current Diving and Light Salvage & Recovery) Training in Puyallup, Washington

Please join Dive Rescue International, in conjunction with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, for a Dive Rescue II course featuring Current Diving and Light Salvage & Recovery training. The program will take place May 4-8, 2020 in Puyallup, Washington. Current Diving Course topics include:  Hydrology/Dynamics of Moving Water Scene Evaluation Preplanning Current Diving Operations Self-Rescue Techniques Rescue Procedures for Surface … Read More

Spring Training Series in Seattle, Washington

This is a four-class series of courses, allowing each graduate to become a Public Safety Scuba Instructor, Dive Rescue I Trainer, and Dry Suit Diving Trainer for their agency. Med Dive is offered as a prerequisite at the beginning of the series, followed by the three Trainer courses. The series runs from April 27-May 3, 2020 and May 11-18, 2020. … Read More