About Us

Founded in 1977 by dedicated law enforcement officials, Dive Rescue International has remained exclusively committed to providing training and equipment for all public safety professionals involved in aquatic incidents. The rescue industry has witnessed a tremendous growth especially in the water rescue arena largely due to greater community involvement and the demand for preparedness for aquatic emergencies. Dive Rescue International is the leader in preparing public safety professionals for aquatic incidents with an extensive list of over 20 course offerings covering diving, nondiving and trainer programs. The Dive Rescue International training system is unique in that it draws on the expertise of an extensive network of public safety professionals. Dive Rescue International has trained over 1,500 trainers throughout North America and the world. If you are a member of a public safety dive team and need training call us at (800) 248 3483. Dive Rescue International has been setting the Public Safety Diving Standard Since 1977.

Mission Statement

Provide Superior Training for all Responders to Aquatic Incidents by; Providing Peer Reviewed Best Practices, Training, and Outfitting Through Value Based, Innovative, Industry Leading Educators

Our Staff

  • Pete Gannon

    I live in Lauderhill, FL and have been involved with diving since 1973. My credentials include: Lauderhill Fire Dept. for 25 years; retiring as a Battalion Chief, Plantation Vol. Fire Dept. for 25 years as dive team coordinator, Broward Sheriffs Office as a dive team member, assisting in training for 12 years. I have worked as a Dive Rescue Corporate Trainer since 1980.

  • Blades Robinson

    I live in Vero Beach, FL and have worked on the local countywide fire department since 1980. My department has an active Marine Rescue component and I serve as one of the three Marine Rescue Field Training Officers. I have been a certified SCUBA instructor since 1984 and began teaching Dive Rescue International training programs in 1990. In 1993, I joined the Dive Rescue International Board of Directors and today I am fortunate to work with a network of true professionals who are dedicated in keeping the “safety” in Public Safety Diving.

  • Justin Fox

    My duties revolve around responding to inquires about education, training, team development, SOP’s/SOG’s and other operational questions. I’ve been a Corporate Trainer for Dive Rescue International since 2005. Other aspects of my position include: Assisting agencies in selecting appropriate courses, Booking course dates, Informing hosting agencies of their duties, and New product review. As President, I oversee the day to day operations of the office and strategic planning for the future. I can be reached at extension 14.

  • Steve McGregor
    Vice President

    I am a certified diver for over 27 years, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Instructor with multiple specialties.
    My background includes a former US Marine Corp Drill Instructor, Police K-9 Officer, Narcotics Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Firefighter, and a Dive Team Commander, with multiple Dive Rescue International certifications, and most recently Division Chief/Diver for the Benton County Arkansas Dive Rescue Team. All of these experiences have given me a firsthand view of what life is like for us First Responders: what works, what doesn’t, and what it takes to be safe.
    In my role at Dive Rescue International I will use my experiences along with Dive Rescue International’s tried and proven methods of training and our quality equipment to serve you with all your equipment and training needs or any questions you may have. Contact me at ext. 11

  • Jas Shearer-McMahon
    Head of Design and Manufacturing

    I have been in the custom design and manufacturing business since 1976 and manufacturing dive rescue equipment since 1986.

    Linda Meininger
    Financial Services Manager

    As the director of the accounting department I can help you with questions about your order, bid, invoice or payment. I have been with Dive Rescue International since 1996 so I can also assist you with other topics like repair and servicing of equipment. Reach me at extension 15.

  • Jaclynn Strauss
    Director Of Education Operations

    My resposibilities include organizing classes, sourcing and shipping training materials, coordinating between host, students, and trainers, and overseeing records and recertifications.
    I can take orders for student materials, work with you to help you earn your trainer certifications, and field questions about attending or hosting classes. When I’m not in the office, I am usually enjoying the Colorado mountain air and climbing some of our many 14,000′ peaks with my faithful boxer Kona. I can be reached at extension 18.

    • Jen Cook
      Shipping Specialist

      As the Shipping and Inventory Specialist, I can help you with questions regarding the shipment of your order. You can reach me at extension 17.

      Cheryl Mocilnikar
      Financial Services Specialist

      As the Financial Services Specialist, I can help you with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, setting up an account, checking the status of an order and tracking an order. I can also answer questions regarding online orders and billing. You can reach me at extension 23.

    • Mike Reeves
      Director of Development

      As a certified diver for over a decade and water rescue first responder for six years I am ready to help your organization achieve the training required to ensure the highest level of safety and service for your community and for your responders.

      Through first-hand experience with years of training with Dive Rescue International I have the knowledge to help your organization execute a training program that will fulfill water rescue, investigation, and recovery needs for all types of aquatic environments found in your area.

      With a 30-year background in customer service I’m the man that can help you schedule the training and establish the equipment you need to advance our proven techniques in water training to fit your needs.

      Get my desk at extension 16