August 2021 Training Series in Warsaw, IN

Join us in Warsaw, IN this August for a traning series that includes: Dry Suit Diving, Dive Rescue 1, Boat Based Operations, Critical Skills Diver, and Current Diving.

Class can be taken in sequence or individually.

These credientials convey the core principles and skills for a fully operational dive rescue team. Dry Suit Diving training prepares the divers to use dry suits addressing NFPA-suggested standards. Successful completion of the Dive Rescue 1 program provides basic methods and skills necessary for a Public Safety Diver to function safely and effectively at a water accident. Boat Based Operations is customized to ensure that students receive training specific to their particular vessels and accessories. Current Diving instructs team members about the intersection of swiftwater and dive rescue equipment and techniques.

Dry Suit Diving: August 4-5, 2021
Dive Rescue I: August 6-8, 2021
Boat Based Operations: August 9-11, 2021
Critical Skills Diver: August 12-13, 2021
Current Diving: August 14-16, 2021

, August 2021 Training Series in Warsaw, IN
dive rescue international class - man tangled in ropes underwater

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