build a competent and safe ice diving team

Ice Diving Operations Trainer (IDOT)
Pre-Course Study (50 hours) + 3-Day Course (24 hours) = Total 74 hours
Recommended for:
  Experienced open-water divers.


  • Sponsorship by a public safety agency
  • At least 21 years of age
  • A minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives
  • Current Dive Rescue 1 Trainer certification
  • Proof of Ice Diving certification
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The Ice Diving Operations Trainer Program is uniquely designed for public safety personnel. This course presents ice diving operations training in a practical and efficient system, giving Trainers the tools to build a competent and safe team. Successful Ice Diving Operations Trainer graduates will return to their departments with a complete training system. With the purchase of student kits from Dive Rescue International, Trainers will be able to conduct in-house ice diving operations training for departmental personnel.

Course Topics

  • Teaching the Adult Learner
  • Preparation and Effective Presentation of the Ice Diving Operations Program
  • Testing and Evaluation of Students
  • Identifying and Evaluating
  • Ice Strength and Formation
  • How Cold Affects the Victim and the Diver
  • Equipment and Personnel Considerations
  • Scene Evaluation and Assessment of Risk/Benefit Factors
  • Search Patterns
  • Lost Diver Drill

Note To Applicants
This program is designed for personnel who are physically fit. Participants are encouraged to participate after successfully completing the IADRS Watermanship Test or testing to a fitness level of 13 MET (Metabolic Equivalents) or greater. Participants with aerobic fitness questions or concerns should consult their physician prior to in-water training.

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