Aqua Lung Enviro Hybrid Drysuit SLT HOOD NECK COMBO



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The Aqua Lung Enviro Hybrid Drysuit encompasses both the technologies of the Hazmat and the Enviro into one suit. The Hazmat’s outstanding durability covers the complete bottom of the suit from the waist seam down and the light weight mobility of the Enviro material completes the top of the suit. This combination allows for great upper body movement for swimming while giving superior protection in lower extremities where the suit take most of the abuse.

  • HazMat Multi-Laminate bottom for superior puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Enviro Bi-Laminate top for superior mobility and flexibility
  • Chemical resistant polyurethane outer surface
  • Top of suit has exterior tape welded seams (see Enviro)
  • Bottom  has interior and Exterior welded seams (see HazMat)
  • Tear and puncture resistant nylon inner
  • Comfort boots with 7mm liner
  • Permanently attached dry glove rings with replaceable Polytex wrist seals
  • Standard exhaust valve & standard inlet inflation valve
  • Attached Polytex hood and neckseal
  • Includes hood liner, internal suspenders, inflator hose, repair kit and a drysuit bag
  • Available with Seal Lock Technology (SLT)
    • Seal-Lock Technology (SLT), is a modular seal replacement system that incorporates a neck ring retainer and compression fit wrist seals.
    • Simple, innovative, and convenient, SLT enables quick and easy change out of worn or torn seals in the field and best of all, anyone can do it.
    • Allows seal replacement in minutes without any glue.
    • Can be used with a neckseal/hood or neckseal only.
    • Reduces repair costs
    • Allows multiple divers with different size necks to use the same suit.
    • Seals cost the same as glue on seals.

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