Carter Enclosed-Pillow Lift Bag




The Carter Enclosed-Pillow Lift Bag is Ideal for shallow water recovery.

  • Totally enclosed with over-pressure valves to vent expanding air as they ascend
  • Pillow bags can attain their maximum lift in less water than open bottom bags
  • Excellent for raising sunken boats and towing operations
  • Bags come with brass quick-disconnect fittings attached to a short filler hose (connects to 1/4″ pipe thread)
  • Overpressure relief valve
  • Negatively buoyant when empty
  • One or more handles/tie off points
  • Urethane coated nylon


Shipping Weight  (lbs)

Width x Height (inches)Volume at surface 63 lbs/cu ft
6182500956 x 368.0
618310001350 x 5216.0
618420002286 x 5232.0
618540003796 x 7564.0