Carter Open-Bottom Lift Bag





  • Very versatile light-to-medium-duty lift bags
  • Suitable for most underwater lifting and light salvage
  • All but the 50lbs bags have diver-actuated dump valves and all are open at the bottom to vent expanding air as they ascend
  • Economical, lightweight and fold into a compact roll for easy handling underwater
  • Call for pricing on the 300 lb. lift bag. (SKU 6177)
  • This Item is Special Order Only. Please call (800) 248-3483 to place an order
SKULift in lbs.Shipping Weight(lbs.)Width x Height (inches)

Volume at surface

63lbs/cu ft

6176100225″ x 28″1.6
6177300532″ x 46″4.8
6178500936″ x 56″8.0
617910001252″ x 50″16.0
618020001952″ x 86″32.0
618150004286″ x 94″80.0