DRI Communication Rope Bags


Rope sold separately

Small holds 200 Feet of 8mm Comm Rope

Regular holds 200 Feet of 10mm Comm Rope

Tall holds 300 Feet of 10mm Comm Rope



DRI Communication Rope Bag

  • Regular size holds 200 ft. of 4-wire communication rope (orange top with blue body and blue bottom)
  • Small size holds 200 ft. of 8 mm (all blue, top and bottom)
  • Tall size holds 300 ft of 10mm communication rope  ( Blue with shoulder straps)
  • Constructed of vinyl-coated nylon and nylon mesh
  • Nylon thread
  • Mesh sections allow wet ropes to dry in bag
  • Nylon storm collar and draw string cords at top of bag