Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask




The Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask is the Worlds most sold full face mask for diving. But why do so many professional divers prefer to use the Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask?
The answer to that question may lie in these key features:
The balanced DIVATOR breathing valve is one of the best-tested breathing valves available. It will perform even in the most extreme of conditions: mud, oil, and fast flowing cold currents does not have a serious impact on the performance.
The low volume visor reduce the positive buoyancy generated from air inside the mask.
Low volume “dead space” reduces re-inhalation of CO2.
The DIVATOR Full Face Mask is very easy to drain from water filling, simply press one button and hold the lower part of the face mask out from the face.
The mask is equipped with retainers spectacle inserts and it is prepared for underwater communication. The communication capabilities are enhanced by the airflow design that considerably reduces turbulence noise.

  • Available in natural rubber or silicone
  • High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the diver’s performance and endurance
  • Leakage is prevented by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
  • Low dead space volume minimizes air consumption
  • Mouthpiece can be easily drained with a purge valve
  • The Hatch ambient/surface breathing valve is optional
  • 2 lbs. positive pressure for PP models
  • Integrated nose block device
  • Face plate
  • Automatic lens defogging
  • Low pressure hose
  • Internal oral/nasal mask
  • Excellent for current diving
  • Accepts communication modules for hard wire and wireless systems (communication modules must be purchased separately)


User Manual