Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations



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Encylopedia of Underwater Investigations Book (#6019)

  • Soft cover
  • The First Edition of the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations, published in 1994, was a groundbreaking addition to diving literature. To this day, it remains one of the preeminent publications in the area of underwater forensics and investigations. The manual demystifies and clarifies underwater investigative procedures, providing a clear, descriptive, step-by-step instruction manual for the public safety dive team and underwater investigators.
  • The Second Edition of Corporal Robert Gordon Teather’s pinnacle text is now updated to include new tools and technologies used by today’s underwater investigators. Many individuals working in the fields of investigation and public safety diving have supplied their expertise to update Robert Teather’s original text, thus creating an enduring resource for public safety divers and underwater investigators for years to come.