NRS Rescue 115 X-Sled



Rescue professionals are trained to handle even the most unique emergencies and require versatile and adaptable rescue tools to get the job done. The NRS Rescue 115 X-Sled gives rescuers the options needed for swiftwater, ice, low-head dam and floodwater rescues.
Designed to accommodate two rescuers and one victim but can easily float 4-5 people.
The X-Sled can be paddled, towed or lowered where it’s needed most.
Heavy-duty material covers the 10″ tubes and 4″ drop-stitch deck to shrug off encounters with rocks and handle the wear and tear of high-intensity rescue efforts.
The drop-stitch deck inflates to 8-10 psi, giving the sled super rigid performance.
Two side chambers and the drop-stitch deck keep you afloat in the event of a puncture.
16 handles give lots of options for carrying the Sled and for attaching rescue equipment.
Six handles on the back deck are placed in a “ladder pattern” for ease of climbing on-board.
D-rings are on large surface-area patches to handle the load strain of towing and lowering.
Textured foam deck pads help the crew stay anchored in rough conditions.
The high bow kick lets the X-Sled rise up and over waves and ice ledges.
Hi-vis color and logos stand out on the water, and alert casualties and the public to your mission.
Top-quality Leafield inflation and pressure relief valves ensure trouble-free performance.
Includes the NRS Super 2 HP Pump and Repair Kit.
Three-year warranty.