SMC Aluminum Locking D Carabiner




The SMC Aluminum Locking D Series carabiner is a true representation of timeless quality and attention to detail. As one of the most versatile mid-sized locking carabiners on the market you will find that form and function are unsurpassed. The enduring design of the SMC Locking D has become a standard in rock climbing, mountaineering and rescue applications as well as in ever increasing industrial applications due to its high strength, light weight, wide gate opening and overall functional versatility.

The asymmetrical frame is slightly flattened for an increased strength-to-weight ratio, internal components are stainless steel, and the locking sleeve engages on the gate not on the carabiner frame to help prevent jamming or vibrating loose.

  • Extremely lightweight, high strength and large gate opening for functional versatility
  • Locking sleeve engages the gate rather than the frame to prevent jamming
  • Modifed D shape
  • Locking screw gate
  • Stainless steel springs and pins
  • Length: 4.37″ (111 mm)
  • Gate opening: 0.82″ (20.8 mm)
  • Weight: 2.6 oz (76.3 g)
  • MBS: 27 kN (6,070 lbf)