Subsalve Enclosed Flotation Bags


Also Available in 4000 lbs and 6000 lbs  Call for pricing 


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When you need to float an object close to the surface, use Subsalve Enclosed Flotation Bags in any position—upright or flat, outside or inside of structures—for vessel salvage, auto recovery, pipeline and cable installation and emergency flotation
for ships, aircraft, submersibles and ROVs.

  • Totally enclosed “pillow” shape allows the bag to be used in any position
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, ballistic-rated nylon fabric coated with urethane
  • Safe working ratio of 6:1
  • Can be used with single pick point with the shackle supplied on the bottom of the bag
  • Can also be inverted to use the two stainless steel rings on the top of the bag with two pick points
  • 3/4″ NPT inflation/deflation port
  • Equipped with brass quick disconnect for inflation
  • Pressure relief valves – set to release at 2.5 psi above ambient pressure
  • Enough pressure relief valves are installed in each bag to allow expanding air to vent should a free ascent occur


Model Lift Capacity Height Length Packaged Cubic Dimension Weight Attachment Points
500 lbs. 550 lbs (250kgs) 2’8″ (0.82m) 4’3″ (1.31m) 17″ X 12″ X 8″
(.44m x.31m x21m)
20 lbs
2 top
1 bottom
1,000 lbs. 1,100 lbs (500 kgs) 3’8″ (1.13m) 4’3″ (1.31m) 18″ X 13″ X 10″
(.46m x .33m x .26m)
32 lbs
2 top
1 bottom
2,000 lbs. 2,200 lbs (1,000 kgs) 4’7″ (1.41m) 5’0″ (1.54m) 20″ X 15″ X 9.5″
(.51m x .38m x .24m)
50 lbs
2 top
1 bottom